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The mountain center Altay-Aktru -  the best travel tours across Altay and Mongolia

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Yoga tourism!
Ascent on the Belukha
Ascent on the Belukha
Rutube "Altay-Aktru"
Rutube Altay-Aktru
The layout of mountain center “Altay-Aktru”

Main peaks of Aktru region

Yubileinaya summit view

Yoga tourism

This unique project combines health-improving yoga practice, a lot of hiking and mountain climbing.
Yoga is a general method to adapt to the environment and your personal “self” which implies maintaining and improving healthy body and harmonizing conscious and unconscious psychic parts.
Aktru valley (Republic of Altai, the Severo-Chuyskiy ridge) is one of the most picturesque Altai Mountains areas. Due to various gorge landscapes, you can do yoga in the most fascinating and off the beaten track places, which stimulates the positive effect of yoga practicing. We also offer to climb mountain summits using the routes that do not require special mountaineering training.

Activity plan:

Day №1
  • Check-in, accommodation
Day №2
  • Morning practice (training course for beginners: hatha yoga)
  • Acclimatization excursion to Uchitel Teacher Pass 3000 m
  • Evening practice (relaxation, meditation)
On the way to Uchitel Teacher Pass
On the way to Uchitel Teacher Pass

Day №3
  • Morning practice (kriya yoga, restorative pranayamas)
  • Free time
  • Evening practice (hatha yoga)
Day №4 (overnight camping)*
  • Morning practice (hatha yoga)
  • Hiking to Goluboe Ozero Blue lake. Here you can stay at a cabin near the lake or camp.
Day №5
  • Climbing Yubileinaya summit 3400 m. Pranayama practice.
  • Descending to the campsite. Evening practice (meditation, relaxation)
Yubileinaya summit view
Yubileinaya summit view

Day №6
  • Morning practice (kriya yoga, hatha yoga)
  • Free time
  • Evening practice (relaxing pranayamas, meditation)
Day №7 (overnight camping)*
  • Hiking to Kupol summit lakes. Camping
  • Evening practice (hatha yoga)
Kupol summit lake
Kupol summit lake

Day №8
  • Morning practice by the lake (hatha yoga, restorative pranayamas)
  • Climbing Kupol’s summit of Three Lakes 3600 m
  • Descending to the campsite
Three Lakes Dome
The summit of “Kupol Trekh Ozer” (“Three Lakes Dome”)

Day №9
  • Morning practice (hatha yoga, restorative pranayamas)
  • Free time
  • Evening practice (relaxing pranayamas, meditation)
Day №10
  • Morning practice
  • Departure
* - overnight camping is possible only when it is summer and weather permits. During spring and autumn activities and practices take place in heated houses. Excursions and hiking occur only at daytime.

Optional activities available during free time:

  • Creative potential developing: master classes
  • Basic climbing skills training course

Extra services:

  • Vegetarian menu
  • Exclusive souvenir production
  • Making of electronic photo album (by the preliminary agreement of all members of the group)
  • Equipment rent

List of equipment required**:

  • Backpack
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tent
  • Hiking boots
  • Yoga mat
  • Utensil for individual needs
** - it is possible to hire the equipment you lack.


  • 15 - 25 april
  • 15 - 25 may
  • 5 - 15 june
  • 1 - 10 july
  • 15 - 25 september


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