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The mountain center Altay-Aktru -  the best travel tours across Altay and Mongolia

Registration of clients for our tours across Altay

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Ascent on the Belukha
Ascent on the Belukha
Rutube "Altay-Aktru"
Rutube Altay-Aktru
The layout of mountain center “Altay-Aktru”

Main peaks of Aktru region

Tours across Altay and Mongolia

Special tours
Individual requests for tours across Altay Mountains

Programmes for individual requests - Tours across Altay
(tracking and mountaineering routes)

The cost of tours is adjusted in each specific case and depends on the client's financial ability, types of transport (helicopter, car, horse) and the desired level of service (accommodation, meals en route) and the number of participants in a group.

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# Tour Content       Dates     
3 Belukha Mountain: ascent on Eastern peak 4506 m Mountaineering. Routs 3A-5A difficulty category. 14-16 days. Delivery of cargo. Living in tents. 01.02 - 05.04
15.06 - 30.09
2 Ascent on the summit of Aktru-Bash (4075 m) Mountaineering. Routs 2A-3A difficulty category. Living in houses (2-3 vacancies). 7-8 days. 01.02 - 05.04
24.04 - 09.05
15.06 - 30.09
4 Mountaineering courses "Aktru" Mountaineering. Courses of basic mountain training and advance of rock mountain skills to the second class. 15.01 - 26.01
25.02 - 06.03
23.04 - 09.05
11.06 - 24.08
11 Speleoturism Tutkush cave with depth of 270 m
5 Sports and fitness summer camp for teenagers "Young rescuer" We accept group requests with number of participants from 10 to 40 people accompanied by instructor (1 for 20 people). 10-16 days. Age of participants is 14-16. School vacations
6 The Blue lake Tours to the lake, the glacier Bolshoy Aktru, the mountain pass "Uchitel" 3000 m, 3-5 days 20.04 - 30.11
01.02 - 10.04
7 In the footsteps of Roerich (waterfalls of Belukha) Walking tour to the foot of Belukha with horse shipping. 20.05 - 30.09
(group orders for 4-8 persons)
8 "Altay under the sky" Walking tour "Aktur-Belukha" (horse shipping). Exotic tour which gives a chance to visit Altay highlands - Severo-Chouysky (Aktru), Youzhno-Chouysky, Katunsky (Belukha). 15.06 - 30.09
(group orders from 4 persons)
9 "In the footsteps of great Scythians" - tour to Ukok plateau Exotic tour, the summit of Tavyn Bogda Ola 4074 m (ascent). 14 days. 15.06 - 30.09
(group orders from 4 persons)
1 To the peaks of Aktru gorge. Ascent on the peak called Kupol (3600 m) Adventure for family and friend holidays in the mountains. Easy tours (7-8 days). Accommodation with 2-3 vacancies 25.12 - 05.04
24.04 - 30.09
10 "Lakes of Altay" -
walking tour with horses.
Exotic tour. The most picturesque gorges and lakes of of Severo-Chouysky ridge. 15.06 - 30.09
(group orders from 4 persons)
12 Mongolia. Tours across Mongolian Altay Active tour. Trip across Mongolian Altay. Potanin glacier, Hurgan-Nur lake, Ascent on Nayramdal peak (4375 m) July-August
13 New year and Cristmas in Altay mountains Accomodation in Mountain center "Altay-Aktru", excursions to glaciers. Sledding and skiing. December-January (Christmas vacation),

Duration of the winter programs on the highlands of Altay: from November to May. During all tours, participants should bring warm clothes: down jacket, mittens, spare shoes, rug, sleeping bag, flashlight, it is desirable to have the rubber boots in the summer. It is advisable for the participants to have a personal climbing gear during an ascent: backpack, mountain boots, crampons, ice ax, belay system, carbines (3pc), sunglasses, helmet.

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