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Ascent on the Belukha
Ascent on the Belukha
Rutube "Altay-Aktru"
Rutube Altay-Aktru
The layout of mountain center “Altay-Aktru”

Main peaks of Aktru region

Гора Белуха (Горный Алтай) - Общий вид

Tours across Altay Mountains
Ascent on the Belukha peak, 3A-3B category of difficulty

Belukha Mountain (4506 m) is the highest peak in Siberia. An international mountaineering camp was functioning at the foot of Belukha from 1982 to 1988. The routes of 3-5 category of difficulty to the Belukha ridge peaks are of wide popularity among mountaineers from Russia and abroad.

Требуется специальная подготовкаNumber of participants: 6-10 persons

Duration: 14-15 days

dates: 27.06 - 30.09

Cost per one person: individually

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Day Short content of the route Comments
1 Gorno-Altaysk - Tyungur village A bus, 480 km; overnight stay in a warm house in sleeping bags
2-3 Rise along the Kucherla river, across the mountain pass Karaturek (3000 m) - Akkemskoe Lake (the 1st camp) 55 km on foot. Cargo is transported by horses. Overnight stay in tents
4 The day for rest, preparation for an ascent
5 The campsite Akkem - the glacier of Rodzevich. Tomsk Stops (the 2nd camp) Altitude is 3000m, tents
6 Training on ice, the mountain pass Delone (delivery of cargo)
7 The mountain pass Delone - the glacier of Sapozhnikov - the mountain pass Bolshoe Berelskoe Sedlo 3600m (the 3rd camp)
8 Ascent on the Eastern peak of Belukha Altitude 4506 m
9 Spare day In the case of bad weather
10-11 Descent from camp #3 to Tomsk Stops and then in camp #2 (Akkemskoie Lake is in route) Overnight stay at Tomsk Stops, 3000 m
12 The day for rest , the 2nd spare day Russian sauna
13-14 Walking down along the Akkem river to Tyungur village, overnight stay in a warm house On foot. Cargo is transported by horses
15 Tyungur village - Gorno-Altaysk Car

The cost includes:

  • Accommodation in Tyungur (2 nights), Russian sauna in the Akkem campsite (2 times)
  • Services of a guide (one en route to the main campsite and one more during the ascent)
  • Hire of horses for cargo transportation (5 horses during an ascent + 3 during a descent)
  • Foodstuff, lunch-packages for ascents (food is prepared by participants on their own)
  • Hire of special equipment and equipment for fire
  • Insurance agreement includes the possibility of evacuation by helicopter in the case of life-threatening injuries or diseases

Additional service available:

  • Hire of personal trekking and mountaineering gear
  • Transfer from Biysk, Barnaul, Novosibirsk cities to Tyungur village
  • Services of a cook during ascents
- the participants should have basic mountaineering training (experience in ascents on summits of 2A-2B category of difficulty or hiking of 2nd-3rd category of difficulty.


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