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The mountain center Altay-Aktru -  the best travel tours across Altay and Mongolia

Registration of clients for our tours across Altay

Yoga tourism!
Ascent on the Belukha
Ascent on the Belukha
Rutube "Altay-Aktru"
Rutube Altay-Aktru
The layout of mountain center “Altay-Aktru”

Main peaks of Aktru region


Tours across the Altay Mountains

Tours across Altay
Mountain-climbing tours (ascent on Belukha, Aktru summits)
Trekking tours (Belukha region Aktru), Mixed tours

Travels round Altay Mountains
We invite travelers and climbers to active tours across Altay. There are trekking tours and ascents for those who are fond of active kind of recreation and mountaineering (Aktru valley, ascent to the summits called Kupol, Aktru-Bash etc., Belukha region), and we also suggest recreation on high-mountain Aktru center and some excursions.

Permanently active programmes (during mentioned periods):

Tour name Tour includes Period
1 To the Aktru summits
Price: 19800 rubles.
Active recreation with the family in the high-mountain "Aktru" center, excursions, photo and video filming/ 7 days. Schedule for 2016
2 Ascent on peak Aktru-Bash peak (4074 m)
Price 25500 rubles.
Mountaineering. Training for mountaineering skills. 8 days. Schedule for 2016
3 The Blue Lake
Price 15100 rubles.
Tours to the Blue Lake (2840 m), to the glacier, to the mountain pass "Uchitel" (3000 m), 5 days. Schedule for 2016
4 The basic mountaineering courses
Price 23700 rubles.
Mountaineering. Training for mountaineering skills. 8 days. Schedule for 2016

Programmes for personal requests:

Tour name Tour includes Period
5 Ascent to Belukha Mountaineering. Tours with 3B-5A technical difficulty. 14-16 days. 27.06 - 30.09
6 "Follow in footsteps of great Scythians" - Ukok plateau – Aktru – the Teletskoe Lake Exotic tour for ones who wish; Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola summit 4074 m (ascent). 14 days. 01.07 - 30.09
(group bookings – two people minimum)
7 New year and Cristmas in Aktru Centre Guide tours to glaciers. Sledding and skiing. 30.12 - 10.01
8 Mountaineering school "Aktru" The preparation for the 3rd sport category in mountaineering. 01.02 - 30.09
01.11 - 20.11
9 Speleotourism Tutkush cave with depth of 270 m. 4-5 days. All-the-year-round
10 Sports and fitness summer camp for teenagers "Young rescuer" Group bookings from 10 up to 40 people. Participants’ age 14-16 years old. 10-16 days. 01.06 - 30.08
11 Following Roerich’s rout in "Belovodie" (waterfalls of Belukha) Walking tour to the foot of Belukha with horse shipping (12-14 days) 01.06 - 30.09
(group-booking 4 minimum)
12 "The Firmament-Altay" The walking tour AKTRU-BELUKHA. An exotic tour that gives a chance to visit the whole Altay highlands – Severo-Chuysky, Yuzhno-Chuysky and Katunsky ridges (16 days) 15.06 - 30.09
(group-booking 4 minimum)
13 Travelling through Mongolian Altay Natural park "Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola". Ascent to Nairamadal mountain (Kiytyn) 4374 m. 12-14 days. 01.06 - 05.10
(group and personal booking)
14 "Altay Lakes" is a walking tour with horses Exotic tour. The most picturesque gorges of Severo-Chuysk ridge (Aktru, Maashei, Shavlo) 12 days. 15.06 - 30.09
(group-booking for 4 people minimum)

The cost of tours is adjusted according to the individual demands and depends on your financial ability, means of transport (a helicopter, a car, horses) and the desired level of service only (accommodation, meals en route) and the number of participants in a group also matters!

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Apart from described tours, also Mountain center "Altay-Aktru" conducts backcountry tours.

Backcountry (remote area) is an extreme kind of mountain skiing and snowboarding. It is an foot ascent onto the summits that are not equipped with lifting machinery (cable railroad). Further skiing and snowboarding on ungroomed and unmarked slopes is implied. This increasingly popular kind of active holidays is the combination of mountain tourism and winter sports.
Бэккантри туры по Горному Алтаю

Duration of the winter tours in the highlands of Altay: from November to May. Participants should bring warm clothes: a down jacket, mittens, a pair of spare shoes, a thermal garment, a sleeping pad and a flashlight. It is advisable for participants to have a personal climbing gear: a backpack, a pair of mountain boots, crampons, an ice axe, belay system, carbines (3 pcs), and sunglasses. Participants of health programs for children and mountain climbers should carry a doctor's certificate.

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Belukha mountain (Altay) - General view


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