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The mountain center Altay-Aktru -  the best travel tours across Altay and Mongolia

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Ascent on the Belukha
Ascent on the Belukha
Rutube "Altay-Aktru"
Rutube Altay-Aktru
The layout of mountain center “Altay-Aktru”

Main peaks of Aktru region

Belukha mountain (Altay) - General view

Useful information for our clients

If you decided to visit us, remember:

The mountain climate is unpredictable. The phrase "acutely continental" doesn't explain anything.

Regardless of the type of tour: whether an active climbing program or holiday in a tourist camp, you must be prepared for everything.

The temperature may rise up to +30 ? C while the weather is sunny and fair, but right away after sunset you may want to wear something warm. It is not uncommon for rain and snowfall in the Valley Aktru during mid-July. Therefore it is advisable to have an all-weather raincoat, a windcheater, warm jacket, woolen hat, mittens.

There is a very high level of ultraviolet rays even in cloudy weather on glaciers and screes. Be sure to bring your sunglasses and sun block with the highest sun protection factor (not less than 30), as well as lip balm which protects you from herpes of lips.

It is necessary to have a light and durable pair of boots made of leather with soft sole; trainers are good to move around a campsite during dry weather. It is not out of place to have rubber boots in case of the bad weather. It is very important to have a spare outfit (woolen clothes) - if you got wet during the tour, it would be a pleasure to change into dry clothes.

Purchase a thermos before going uphill. Hot tea or coffee will make your journey more comfortable.

The weather may change quickly during the day. You should always be prepared for sudden rain or snowfall.

It is desirable to have a small backpack (20-30 ls.) for walking tours. It is advisable to have your thermos, lunch packages, warm jackets, an all-weather raincoat, and a photo camera always with you.

If you have health problems, some chronic disease for example, it should not stand in your way to the world of mountains (exceptions are a recent heart attack, stroke, abdominal surgery). Consult your doctor and if there are no contraindications then visit us. Mountain air, clean water, herbs, a stroll in the cedar forest of themselves are a powerful health-improving factor, but do not forget to tell a manager or an administrator of the campsite about your problems beforehand. It will help provide emergency cover if necessary and it will help to make a recreation program.

It is obligatory to be vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis. Fortunately, ticks have not adapted yet to the conditions of highlands and there are no ticks around "Aktru" campsite and in its surroundings. But, unfortunately, the chances to be bitten by it are quite high in the midlands at a height of 1800 and less. Remember that the best preventive measures against being bitten by a tick are regular inspection of your clothing, head and feet after every walk in the forest. Your insurance includes an injection of immune globulin, which is made in district hospitals.

The list of the necessary personal equipment for the participants of active programmes is considered separately.


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