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The mountain center Altay-Aktru -  the best travel tours across Altay and Mongolia

Registration of clients for our tours across Altay

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Ascent on the Belukha
Ascent on the Belukha
Rutube "Altay-Aktru"
Rutube Altay-Aktru
The layout of mountain center “Altay-Aktru”

Main peaks of Aktru region



Here we tried to answer the most common questions of our clients.

1. What is about accommodation? Is it comfortable??
You will be accommodated in double and triple rooms in the campsite. Russian sauna is a detached building Toilets are outside

2. Where is the campsite? How far is the nearest city or town?
There is a map on the website. The nearest city is Gorno-Altaysk (450 km - 279 miles).

3. How much is the meals? What kind of meals will we be offered?
The meals cost 650 rub (about 10$) per day. You will be offered Russian traditional cuisine.

4. What is about transportation? Are there only walking tours? Can I rent a car?
We provide transfer from the nearest airport to the campsite and transportation from the campsite to the key points on route.

5. And if we lost our way, a guide would have, for example, navigator (GPS)? What equipment does a guide have, what gadgets?
We have only professional guides. A guide has a detailed map of a route and all guides have many-years' experience.

6. Is it really so cold in Siberia?
The temperature rises up to +25-30°C on the plains during spring and summer and the temperature may vary from -5°C to +10°C on the peaks.

7. What about local people and their attitude to the foreigners. Are there any racists? I want to be sure that it is secure there
People are tolerant. There are no evidences of racism. The place is completely safe.

8. What does insurance include exactly?
See Supplement #1

9. Is it possible to hire a cameraman to make a video in memory of this journey?

10. What does the charge include exactly?
The website describes tours, their costs and what they include. Services: accommodation, meals, 2 or 3 visits to Russian sauna (more visits for extra pay),guides are at your service during ascents, lunch packages for tours if they last more than 5 hours.

11. What kind of activities can you suggest in the campsite? What kind of entertainment will we have during our tour (guitar, fire, singing)?
The guitar, barbecue (shashlyk), movies about mountains, lectures about mountaineering, training courses in mountaineering (by preliminary agreement)

12. What about fishing or hunting? Can we eat wild animals, deer, for instance?
Fishing is possible by preliminary agreement. Hunting is not possible.

13. Is there network there? Internet, cell phones.
Network is available in some places (in the campsite for sure). There are no any kind of connections at some rout sections.

14. Has a guide of a group connection with the campsite (radio, walky-talky). Will we be completely isolated?
A guide is connected with the campsite through a portable radio transmitter.

15. Should I have my own medical kit?
No, a guide has a medical kit and can give you the first aid.

16. What should I take with me?
Look at "Useful info".

17. Is there a policeman or other officials in the campsite?
There are no officials or police in the campsite.

18. What kind of diseases are there in this region?
There are no specific infectious or other diseases in the region.

19. What is the highest peak?
Belukha mountain, 4562 m.

20. I'm interested in indigenous people and their culture.
it is possible to offer a special tour by preliminary agreement.

21. Where are we going to sleep during our journey?
We sleep in wooden houses in the campsite and in the tents en rout.

22. I do not like Russian cuisine.
We can offer special menu by preliminary agreement.

23. How many miles should we cover a day? How long is the whole way?
We cover up to about 20 km a day (12,5 miles). The length of the whole way depends on routs difficulty. Some routs are 300 km (186 miles) (by car and on foot)

24. I'm an amateur in mountaineering. Is it a problem?
No, it's not a problem. There are training courses run by skilled instructors.

25. If I am injured, who would give me the first aid en route?
In case of need you will be delivered by helicopter to the nearest hospital.

26. What souvenirs can I purchase?
Handicrafts of indigenous people, traditional beverages, souvenir magnets, honey, handmade articles of wool of camels and yaks.

Belukha Mountain - General view


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