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Ascent on the Belukha
Ascent on the Belukha
Rutube "Altay-Aktru"
Rutube Altay-Aktru
The layout of mountain center “Altay-Aktru”

Main peaks of Aktru region


Mountain center "Altay-Aktru" - About us

Trips, family holidays and holidays with friends at the highland campsite "Altay-Aktru", active tours on horses to the most picturesque areas of the Altai Mountains rarely visited by tourists (mountain ranges: Katunskiy, Severo-Chuyskiy, Southern Altai). Ascents on the highest peaks of Siberia (mountain groups of Belukha, Aktru, Karagem, Maashey) ranked from 2A to 5A category of difficulty. Training courses in mountaineering and rock climbing are available. Airlift by Mi-8 helicopter. Video filming, making of video about your trip (or an ascent).

Location: Severo-Chuyskiy mountain range (2150m. above sea level), 30 km. from village Kuray in the Aktru river valley, Kosh-Agach region, Altay Republic.

GPS coordinates:
50.071 N;
87.756 E;

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Valeriy Ivanovich Yakubovsky - head of the Center, mountaineering instructorOnly professional guides and mountaineering instructors work in Mountain center "Altay-Aktru".

These people devoted many years of their lives to Altay mountains. They perfectly know all the routes, weather, equipment etc.

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There is a highland campsite in Altai Mountains in the valley of Aktru, at the height of 2150 m, nearly at the foot of the glacier. This is the place which you can get to by an off-road vehicle and therefore there is no need to transport travelling cargo by yourself.

The geographic station of Tomsk State University has been functioning in the valley over sixty years. Glaciologists, geomorphologists, hydrologists, botanists work there. After having a talk with them you can learn a lot about the nature of the mountains, the landscape areas and the history of scientific and sport exploration of Altai. Students-geographers of Tomsk, Altai and Gorno-Altaysk universities undergo practical training there. Conferences, including international ones, are conducted regularly there.

If you are over 18 and full of energy, you want to be a mountaineer, a rescuer, a mountain guide, or you just eager to learn to understand and plunge into the unique, severe and magnificent world of mountains, glaciers then give a shot at our Aktru campsite. The first (and the only in the Altai Mountains) mountaineering camp was set up there, which was successfully functioning from 1952 to 1970. Many famous Russian climbers started their careers in this mountaineering camp, in Altai.

The mountaineering camp was restored to life in 1997, and during its functioning (up to 2005), many Russian climbers underwent special training from the basic mountaineering skills to the level of the mountaineering instructors. Now it is conducted annual training sessions of Russian Mountaineering Federation of Siberian Region in Aktru Valley (Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Kemerovo, etc.) both in summer and winter.

We will include you in a practice training team then you have a chance to pass the basic level of training and improve your mountaineering skills.

If you are already over 30 (40, 50, 60), but you are young at heart, and you feel a yearning for learning something new ... If you want to try your strength in severe environmental conditions and learn not only to survive in the mountains, but also help others ... If you want to make new friends and learn to appreciate simple things that stayed unnoticed and underestimated in the vanity of the world...

If you want all this and even more, but you are not sure of your strength (... I am not young, I'll drop behind), if you are not interested in mountaineering as a sport, however you are attracted by the mountains and their spirit, then you will find people holding the same views in the Aktru campsite. You will gain self-confidence and believe in your strength with our help. You will open new vista, discover previously unknown sides of human soul and character and of course you will reach new heights.

If you are over 30 (40, 50, 60) and you are not interested in mountaineering and rock climbing or you just can't do it because of your health, but you love nature and you want to get rid of worlds vanity, just get away from civilization then the magnificent landscapes of mountains, glaciers, relict cedars in Aktru valley are just for you. Crystal air, crystal clear springs, salubrious teas made of mountain herbs, walks for pleasure, hot-heated Russian sauna and a pleasant chat, all this will bring you to complete peace of mind and quiet.

If you have bad luck not to get summer vacation. We can organise pleasant holidays for you at any time of year. Moreover, we recommend you to visit Aktru at different seasons (summer, autumn, winter, spring), because each of the seasons has its unique beauty and inimitable charm. And those who have been under mountaineering training during the low season and have had winter ascents can truly consider themselves as people who have passed serious life examination.

You won't find luxury hotels in Aktru valley, there are no comfortable rooms with a shower and a toilet. However, there is a plenty of hotels, wonderful campsites and tourists' centers for those who are only interested in the "civilized" holidays in the Altay Mountains. Many of them are our partners, and we will be glad to help you to organize comfortable holidays, book a room according to your wish, we will help to work out an interesting and various tour of any Altay region (Katun Valley, Teletskoye Lake etc.).


Professor M.V. Tronov - first man on the Belukha mountainMikhail Tronov (1892-1978) - soviet climatologist and explorer of glaciers, Honoured Science Worker of USSR, professor of Tomsk State University (1927-1978), Ph.D in geography. All his life long M. Tronov explored the wild nature and glaciers, he discovered more than half of well-known Altay glaciers.

M. Tronov set up and ran a research laboratory, the only in the Soviet Union, under Tomsk State University. The laboratory investigated the climate and the origin of glaciers; it still exists in the 21st century.

Tronov led scientific expeditions to the Altay Mountains for 50 years. He was the first who reached the Belukha summit.

During his expeditions in Altay, Tronov stayed in a small hut, specially built for harsh winters. Nowadays, you can find this hut with the roof made of bark during your walking tours to the summits of Aktru. It is a memorial place of a great man and great explorer.

Professor M.V. TronovHut of M.V. Tronov

Belukha mountain (Altay) - General view


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